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Q: What is the density of Mott's Apple Juice?

A:1.043739 g/ml. Read More

Q: What are the ingredients in Mott's apple juice?

A:All it is is the natural juice from the apples and added vitamin c. Read More

Q: Who is the creator of Motts Apple Juice

A:Mott's was founded in 1842 by Samuel R. Mott in Bouckville, NY, whe... ...MORE... Read More

Q: What is the song on the motts apple juice commercial?

A:I believe that the song you are looking for is called "Be Ok" Read More

Q: What is the song in the Mott's vegetable juice commercial?

A:ITS SO CATCHY! and I want to download it, but I can't find out what song it is. the song starts with good is good but great is better (then words I can't pick o... Read More

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