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Q: Is Nestle Coffee Mate vegan?

A:Sadly Coffee Mate from Nestle does not have any products listed that are vegan friendly. Read More

Q: Where can I find coupons for Coffee Mate?

A:Coffee Mate's website has special offers where one can obtain coupons for their products. 'Printable-Coupons' website also offers coupons for Coffee Mate. Read More

Q: Does Nestle Coffee Mate Creamer contain gluten?

A:Nestle Coffee Mate Creamer does not contain gluten according to their Read More

Q: If my Nestle Coffee-Mate has a sell by date of september 20, 2009...

A:It will be fine for at least a few months. If it was fresh food that expires quickly the expiration date is a few days after the sell by date. With non-perishab... Read More

Q: Does anyone know the name of the song of the nestle coffee mate c...

A:you might want to search on the lyric databases below...