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Q: How much is nix the lice treatment?

A:Nix Lice Treatment Creme Rinse runs between $10 and $17. Price depends on the Read More

Q: What is better for lice nix or rid?

A:use either one and buy the spray for bedding and pillow, even spray couches. make sure you get one of those combs. oh and its a myth about them liking dirty hai... Read More

Q: What is the active ingredient in nix, lice treatment?

A:Permethrin is the active ingredient in Nix, it's an insecticide Read More

Q: How long do you keep Nix lice cream on your head?

A:Wash it out "no longer than 10 minutes" after application. See related links for the manufacturer's instructions. Read More

Q: Why doesn't rid or nix work on head lice?

A:This only loosens the lice you need a special comb to remove them. Read More